Welcome! Here at TABIBITO-SHOKUDO we believe that every single person is unique, no matter their background, and every time you interact with that person – be it bumping into them, meeting over a cup of coffee, or enjoying a beer (or four) having known them for years – that interaction itself is unique.

And what better way to create even more unique experiences with various people than to invite travellers to the local Japanese countryside, where they can make their favourite home-cooked meal (no matter how simple) and get to know a more intimate side of Japanese culture, while the locals also get to experience food they may have never had before, and speak to people from countries they’ve only ever read about in their textbooks!

Our aim is to bring the unique to life: through bringing unique people, foods and experiences to the lives of Japanese locals (and our travellers), and to also allow these unique people to shine through giving them the opportunity to cook and exchange their stories with local people they’d never really have a chance to meet otherwise.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an excellent chef, or merely a beginner, if you’re fluent in Japanese or can barely speak a word, our aim is to simply create unique opportunities for Japanese locals, travelers, people of all backgrounds and experiences to meet, through creating delicious foods to places in Japan that may never have been made there otherwise!

tabibito-shokudo へようこそ!

tabibito-shokudo (旅人食堂)とは?