Hello! I’m Hannah, from Wolverhampton in England. I previously lived in Tokyo for one year as an exchange student, but on this trip I wanted to explore more of rural Japan and interact with locals. Through tabibito-shokudo we’ve been able to share one of our favourite traditional British foods, beer-battered fish and chips, with the lovely locals of Maniwa. In fact, this is probably the best fish and chips I’ve had in Japan! I love to travel, eat and meet new people so tabibito-shokudo is a perfect combination of all three!

こんにちは! イギリスのウルヴァーハンプトンから来たハナです。以前に留学生にとして一年間ぐらい東京に住んでいました。今回の旅行はもっと日本の田舎と地元の人と会いたかったです。 旅人食堂を通して、真庭市の地元の人に大好きなイギリスの伝統的な料理「フィッシュ&チップス」をシェアできました。実は、日本で一番美味しい食べたフィッシュ&チップスがここで使ったものだかもしれないと思います!私は旅行しながら食べたり、人と出会ったりするのが大好きですから、旅人食堂はそれに完璧でした!

Hannah helped us out with our very first official event at Borsalino in Kuse: British Week: Fish & Chips (& Shortbread) on 2nd & 3rd November 2018.


Hey! My name is Thuy-Vy, I come from France. This year, I’m travelling in Japan with a working holiday visa. After being in Sapporo, Tokyo, Kyoto, Otsu, and other cities, I’m now in Maniwa, where I plan to have a great time! I’m looking forward to meeting you at TABIBITO SHOKUDO, where you’ll be able to taste my cooking from France and from Vietnam!

Thuy-Vy (and Eve!) both helped us out from the 14-22nd December 2018. Together we made all sorts of food, from Pumpkin Soup to Chickpea Lettuce Wraps. As Thuy-Vy was also a vegetarian (Vegan where possible), we did our best to accommodate her and to make some vegetarian meals for the locals (a rarity here in Japan!)

Thuy-Vy also came back for another two weeks from the 7th to the 21st February 2019! Together we made Quiche using tofu to make it Vegan, and it was lovely to see her again.


How is everything ? This is the Ritchie, I come from Aztec lands, now they call Mexico, haha, I’ve grown up in the city all my life, I used to work in any office in any city, in 2018, I broke up with my work, and decided to travel, in addition to to know amazing places, what really makes a country incredible, is its people and its food, that is why throughout my trip per year, I have stepped on 25 different countries and I still can not choose which is my favorite food, but I I would like to introduce you some Aztec dishes. be happy and smile a lot. See you soon!

Ritchie helped us out for 1.5 months, from December 2018-Jan 2019 on his year-long travel around the world. He was full of energy & helped us make some delicious Mexican meals, from Chicken Tinga to Churros & Micheladas.


Micol helped us out for a week, on the 15-16th Feb 2019, towards the end of her year studying abroad at Doshisha University in Tokyo. We made some delicious hummus together & Chocolate Salami as a special treat for Valentines day!


Hi People ! I’m Maurice, made in France, shipped to Ireland, Australia, Germany and finally successfully imported in Japan, yeah ! After years of travelling I realized I have only lived in western countries so I opted for Japan : 3 different alphabets to learn, 60h working weeks and people drive on the left ! I guess the moon would be less exotic to me after that ! Maurice helped us out for 2.5 weeks, from the 23-31st March. With 2 dishes, Ratatouille & delicious Falafel in a tortilla wrap, we managed to make some food not often found out here in the Japanese countryside.