Menu: 18-19/11/2018


Our first menu has been decided! To start, we’re keeping it simple with 3 options: Pizza (Margherita or Honey Cheese), Pasta (which will change weekly, this week we’re going for a simple but delicious vegetable and tomato sauce), and a Weekly Soup/Stew (this week, Chilli Con Carne – perfect for the cooling weather around here!)

For drinks, sadly we were unable to get Guiness, so we’re back with the Craft Beer, but hopefully also providing various Spirits (Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whisky) and mixers (Coke, Lemonade, Orange Juice, Tonic). In Japan it isn’t common to mix and match your spirits and liquors – most come pre-decided on the menu, so we’ll see how it works this time, trying to give a British Pub style feel.

With Saturday being a special event in the area, we’ll be starting out with this Menu for Friday only, but hopefully it will be a good one!

And as for Saturday, in the former town of Kuse, now part of Maniwa City and where Borsalino is, a bi-annual event called “Nomiino” is happening this week! With several different restaurants/cafes/bars opening their doors from midday to closing, we’ll be open from 5pm as usual. For this event, ticket booklets are sold for 3,500yen, which gives you 5 tickets at 700yen each – valid at participating restaurants for a drink and a snack. We’ll be providing Chilli Con Carne & Nachos (we managed to get a huge bag at Costco!), and although our decision to participate came a little late so we’re not on Nomiino’s poster, fingers crossed we get a lot of people coming our way!

Nomiino’s Poster・のみーののチラシ