Pizza Prep!



With tabibito-shokudo mostly up and running, Laura, Neha & Yoonsoo (our current staff) met up on the 8th Nov 2018 to discuss our future plans for the project. Since we’ll all be around for a while, we really wanted to make this a weekly thing, so we decided to borrow Borsalino on Friday & Saturday nights for the foreseeable future!

With that said, it would be a little too difficult to make different foods every week, so we agreed to pick a single consistent menu – that we hope to expand as we grow, but that isn’t too taxing (or too expensive!) for now.Of course, we’ll still be adding in our special menus as we have travellers come to visit, with several plans in the works! We’re still finalising the details, but for now we have:

  • Pizza
    The owner of Borsalino has been very kind and agreed to provide the dough/toppings for simple pizzas, so we’ll be starting out with a simple Margherita, and a sweetly delicious Cheese & Honey pizza. We’re hoping in the future to add more wacky toppings – like tandoori chicken, which Dominoes in the UK serves.
  • Weekly Pasta
    For something else super simple but delicious, we chose pasta. Bolognese, Pesto Chicken, Mac n Cheese, all are super simple but absolutely delicious, and we’ll be changing them every week to keep customers (and ourselves!) from boredom.
  • Weekly Soup/Stew
    Finally, for someone who might not want a heavy, carb-filled meal, we’ve gone with a weekly soup/stew. Including things like Chili Con Carne, various soups from Minestrone to Carrot & Coriander, to Beef & Ale stew, we can easily change these with the seasons, and add a little more spice and variety into our menu without working too hard.

For drinks, we’re hoping to give our weekly nights a British pub style feel, and so are serving Guiness on draft, and maybe another Japanese beer depending on how popular the Guiness is. We’re also providing various liquors, from vodka, gin, rum and whisky, to add to our mixers of coke, lemonade, tonic and orange juice, all of which can be ordered on their own too. Finally we’ll have coffee (mostly to add the Baileys or whisky to) and tea (because Laura has so much tea it isn’t even funny).

But, I’ve rambled on long enough about our menu – we’ll be posting more up soon once we have it all finalized and the design is looking pretty 😀

Most of us have never made a pizza in our lives. We might have eaten hundreds of them, but when they’re so easy (and cheap!) to come by with so many delicious toppings, who really needs to go through the hassle of making them?

Borsalino’s owner, Mr Kaneda, showing us how to stretch the dough

Well, we do now! Luckily, we’re being provided the dough (already cut into perfect little balls) and sauce and cheese, so there’s little left to do but actually make the pizza! Mr. Kaneda, the owner of Borsalino, was so kind as to take a couple of hours off to teach us how to make a simple Margherita and Honey & Cheese pizza.

Yoonsoo stretching out that dough!

We started out by cutting the dough balls in half – although we’re planning on serving full-size pizzas too, we’re hoping that customers who don’t think they can manage a full pizza by themselves will be tempted in by us making half-size pizzas too. From there, we took it in turns with different dough balls to trying spreading out the dough into our pizza base, mostly using our hands, stretching and pulling and pushing. It’s harder than it seems, making a perfect circle, and trying to get the base an even thickness, but we did pretty well for our first go!

Laura topping the margherita with fresh basil leaves

From there, for the margherita we topped our pizza with a layer of tomato sauce, cheese and fresh basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil before popping it in the fancy biomass-pellet fueled pizza oven. For the Honey & Cheese, the honey goes on last, so we covered the dough in a liberal amount of cheese and slid it into the oven too.

It barely takes 2 minutes to bake these pizzas in this oven. Rotating it a little by little – as the back is the hottest and you don’t want one side to burn, the pizzas were done a couple of minutes later and being slid onto the chopping board.

Honey & Cheese Pizza

We sliced them, drizzled honey onto our cheese-only pizza, and transferred them to plates to try them – they were delicious! We were maybe a little slower than the professionals, but we’ll get faster with practise, and we’re getting really excited for our first regular night next week!







  • ピザ
    ボーサリーノのオーナーさんが簡単なピザの生地やトッピングを用意してくださいます!ですので、これからシンプルまマルゲリータと、甘くいチーズハチミツの2種類を作ります。これからも色々なトッピングも作ってみたいです。イギリスでタンドーリチキンなどもピザをのせますので、それも一回試してみようと思っています!” .
  • 週替わり パスタ
  • 週替わり スープ・シチュー


これからも毎週メニュー決めましたらここやフェイスブック、インスタグラムなどにも投稿しますので、ぜひ見てください! 😀


Borsalino’s owner, Mr Kaneda, showing us how to stretch the dough


Yoonsoo stretching out that dough!