17/11/18 のみーの


On Sat 17th Nov, 2018, TABIBITO-SHOKUDO participated in Nomiino, a bi-annual event in the Kuse region of Maniwa. Various bars/restaurants take part, and the locals buy tickets for 3,500yen, which gives them 5 tickets at 700yen each. They can then spend these tickets in any participating stores, for which they get a drink and a small snack of some sort.

We provided more Chilli Con Carne, a spoonful alongside some nachos to scoop it up, alongside one of our drinks from the following menu:

And it turned out to be a brilliant night! Although our decision to participate had come late, and so we weren’t on the main poster for the event, we handed out leaflets to the other participating restaurants, and were kept pretty busy from about 6pm til after closing.

And for today, we also had Matthieu & Patiste, from France, come to help us out! They had been to Maniwa before, and helped out at one of the informal events that helped shaped TABIBIBTO-SHOKUDO, and apparently loved it here so much they came to spend their last two weeks before returning to France with us and helping us out.

They were great – Patiste spoke little Japanese, but used Google Translate to get by, and did most of our washing up – helping everything run super smoothly. Mattheiu too was super lively, provided entertainment through magic tricks with coins and chatted with everyone.

They’ll be with us next week as well, for our first full-weekend of our main menu, and will be making an add-on to our menu – keep an eye out for an announcement later on for what it will be!

Our drinks went down pretty well too, with beer and Gin flowing enough that we ran out, and we managed to sell out of Chili Con Carne too!

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and said they’d be back – although they were surprised to hear we were opening every week, so we might have to re-think on how to advertise better for the locals. Although our Facebook and Instagram followers have shot up, there are still lots of ways we can improve, especially aiming at our local target audience who often don’t use Facebook or Instagram as much as the younger generations. But hopefully from now on they will spread the word, and TABIBTO-SHOKUDO can continue to work on international exchange.






チリコンカン、ビールやジン、全部がなくなりました!みんなが普通の店であまり飲まない飲み物 ー例えばヴォッカとSprite、ラムとジンジャーエール、Baileysと牛乳など ― が飲めて、イギリスのパブ的な雰囲気が作れたかなとは思います。